The International English Library is committed to working with a range of educational institutions in and around Düsseldorf to support learning of the English language. We have a dedicated Schools-Subcommittee that liaises with educational institutions, from kindergarten to tertiary level, and facilitates partnerships to provide a range of innovative  programs and activities to promote positive language acquisition. Email if you belong to an educational institution that is interesting in finding out more. 

Congratulations to Goethe-Gymnasium - winners of the 2023 IEL Debating Competition! 

The IEL Inter-School Debating Competition

This event was launched in 2021 with students and teachers from from Goethe-Gymnasium, Görres-Gymnasium, Humboldt-Gymnasium and Max-Planck-Gymnasium. The competition final was held on the 2nd October, 2021 and was included on the  official program for Nord-Rhein Westphalia's 75th Anniversary celebrations.  Congratulation to Görres-Gymnasium for being the inaugural winners! The evaluation report of the 2021 program can be found here.

The 2022  program  competition final was held on June 11th at Max-Planck Gymnasium. We were thrilled that the event was included on the program for Düsseldorf's 2022 Reading Weekend.  

Congratulations to Max-Planck-Gymnasium - winners of the 2022 IEL Debating Competition! 

Team Görres-Gymnasium

Team Humboldt-Gymnasium

Team Goethe-Gymnasium

October 2020: The International English Library is excited to announce the signing of its first official cooperation agreement with a school better known for classical languages, Görres Gymnasium. read more...

Under the leadership of English teacher,  Julia Strohmeyer, the two historical Dusseldorf organisations have been working closely together for the past year and a half and have now formally ratified their partnership.

“In an ever more-dislocated world, shared language and stories are a proven bridge in bringing people together,” says Ms. Melanie Schuth, Vice-Chair of the International English Library. “This partnership is an act of hope for the next generation, who are currently watching their world become more divided. Since its inception in 1946, the Library has always had a mandate to be a “bridge” between cultures. In 2020, with the multitude of challenges unfolding, this is more important than ever.”

The first project between the institutions  was a “Book Worm Club” where participating students have their own English book selection housed at the library, and also have access to the additional 26 000 English books and media in the collection. The Foderverein of the Görres Gymnasium have also been financially contributing to the project.

The International English library is looking to expand its school program and is in the initial stages of developing an Inter-School Debating Competition expected to start in 2021.