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Since its inception in 1946, the International English Library has been a haven for people who are genuinely in love with stories and the bridges they can build. Whether these stories are from news sources, fictional books of any genre, movies or biographies, from one of our valued volunteers, a regular reader, or from a guest at an event, there’s always a narrative to be told and information to be had…

The library has also played a pivotal and important role in providing a place for people to come together, connect, collaborate and build communities using the vehicle of English language and literature.

The library relies heavily on the dedication of its incredible team of volunteers – who give freely of their time and expertise and also on the generosity of its sponsors, friends and valued donors who ensure that it continues to meet its vision, and survives and thrives into the future.

There are many ways for you to become involved and help support this unique and valuable institution.

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