Team-Up Poetry Slam 2022

We are disappointed to announce that this program has been postponed.
We will announce updated details as soon as they are available. In the meantime, please email for further information.

To register to be part of this project please email: or scan the QR Code below!

In partnership with the Reading Council Library we are excited to be hosting a “Team-Up” Poetry Slam for at least 20 Young People (aged between 16-18) between Düsseldorf Germany, and Reading, UK!

Never written or performed poetry before? No problem! We've a series of fun workshops planned to give you the skills!

And- the Final Showcase will be part of the Reading Weekend Celebration in Düsseldorf, held at the new Zentralbibliothek in KAP1, on the 12th June 2022.


During the lockdown of early 2021, The Friends of The International English Library in der Brücke E.V and the Reading Council Library forged a connection through the Reading Düsseldorf Association, and both parties are keen to develop a working partnership under the Twin-Towns umbrella and embark on closer relations.

We were inspired to “Team-Up” to explore how best we might develop and strengthen this partnership, working together to link young people from each of our countries to form enduring connections.

We are excited to be designing a project that will have participants aged between 16 and 18 from both Reading and Dusseldorf. The initial goal is for 10 young people participating from each city.

We are hoping that the young people from both cities will create strong lasting relationships. Our Showcase will be on 11th June 2022 in Dusseldorf. Four young people will be able to attend from Reading to perform at the Showcase as well as the Dusseldorf young people. This will also help to cement the relationships with the young people.

What is Slam Poetry?

Slam poetry is performance-based art where the artist gives voice to the poem in a manner that brings words to life, with animated emotions, and equally emotional enunciation.

The poetic art of delivery through speech and performance instead of conveying it as the written word (which is how it is normally read and enjoyed) is slam poetry.

Slam poetry is thought of as a rebellious way of expressing opinions and thoughts on social injustices, inequality, and gender biases, inherent in our culture, but at the same time, it can also be called the most basic and original form of poetry — as poetry evolved first and foremost as a storytelling medium.

People often confuse slam poetry with rapping; nothing could be further from the truth. Slam poetry is performance art done without the aid of props or music.

Slam poetry is a medium of expression that seeks to give voice to, in the tradition of its oral origins, latent anger, passion, frustration, or any other mix of complex human emotions about social issues.

The mixture of content with the passionate gesturing and performing makes it great conduit for expressing a whole gamut of human emotions and debate on social issues.

Registration details!

If you're interested in participating in the program - we will also need to gather the following information from you:

1) Your Name

2) Your age (16-18)

3) Your school

4) Your location (Reading or Dusseldorf)

5) Your email.

Please fill out the form
linked here.

We may also need your legal guardian's permission for you to participate in the program if you're under 18.

Dreadlock Alien.

We are chuffed to be working with the brilliant and talented Dreadlock Alien (AKA Richard Grant) for this project. Richard was twice appointed Poet Laureate in Birmingham and is passionate above live literature and the spoken word. Watch his philosophy here.

Some great examples of Slam Poetry (to get you inspired!) :