We are moving!

For the past 4 decades the International English Library was located in the fourth floor of "Die Brücke", a purpose built extension to the iconic Wilhelm-Marx Haus in Düsseldorf's Aldstadt. Die Brücke was designed to house the FF Theater, The International English Library, VHS rooms and other selected city departments.

In 2020, the building was sold. The
FF Theater has moved, along with the Stadtbibliothek to the new KAP1 in late 2021, however a new permanent location for the library is still in negotiation.
In the meantime, the city has leased a building at Mecumstr 10, in the suburb of Bilk, which will temporarily house our library, along with the VHS rooms and 2 other city departments .

Reception Area

Lounge Zone
April 2022

Children's Corner
April 2022

Reading Nook
April 2022

Renovations at Mecumstraße 10, have encountered many delays, but there has been much progress. The library will be reopened in May 2022!

Entrance to building. May 2021

Entrance to the library.
May 2021

Reception area.

May 2021

Library hall.

May 2021